We Have Momentum in the Spirit!

//We Have Momentum in the Spirit!

We Have Momentum in the Spirit!

Autumn Mann

South Dakotans, our days of praying and fasting matter to the Lord!  This morning the Lord gave me a dream to show us what our praying and fasting is doing for South Dakota.  In this dream I was in Pierre driving down a hill in the middle of town.  I looked behind me and saw a huge passenger plane descending and then landing on the street directly behind me.  I knew that once the plane had landed that its momentum would increase because it was landing on a hill.  I quickly began to speed up my car so I wouldn’t get run over by this fast moving plane!  I reached the bottom of the hill and quickly turned east onto a 4 lane road that is called Wells Ave.  But in this dream the street had been renamed DAKOTA!!  I looked in my rear view mirror and to my surprise the plane had turned onto DAKOTA street also and it was going just as fast as ever!  Again I pressed on the gas to stay ahead of the plane so I wouldn’t get run over.  In the dream, I was keeping pace with the huge plane…driving just ahead of it.  As I continued to drive ahead of the plane, I realized that the Lord was using my car to clear the road of traffic and clear the path for this giant plane to land.

I believe the interpretation of this dream is simple and powerful.  God is sending a big move of the Spirit to South Dakota (the Plane).  God has produced momentum in South Dakota.   And the ministry of prayer and fasting is the car that leads the way and helps clear the path for what He is doing and is going to do in our state!

In the dream, I kept my eyes on that plane and made sure that my speed matched its speed.  Friends, the hour that we are in calls for alertness in the Spirit.  It is so important that we live a lifestyle of seeking the Lord.  Only those with a sharp and alert spirit will be able to keep in step with what he is doing!

Before the first coming of the Lord, John the Baptist was sent to prepare the way for his coming.  John was a forerunner who was used to clear the landing strip and prepare the way for God to do something marvelous on the earth.  Likewise, as we pray, fast, and proclaim the Kingdom, we also prepare the way for the Lord to come to our region!  There is a HUGE move of the Spirit that is coming down upon our state!  I have been feeling the increase in momentum for the past 6 months!  And as God’s people continue to respond to the Lord’s voice in obedience, the spiritual awakening will continue and greater and greater momentum will build in the Spirit.  Thank you for praying and fasting for South Dakota!  Together we are preparing our state for a great move of God’s Spirit!

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