Dream for the Ending of Abortion in South Dakota

//Dream for the Ending of Abortion in South Dakota

Dream for the Ending of Abortion in South Dakota

The Scarlet Letter or The Red Letter Edition

September 5, 2006 Brenda David

NOTE:  There are portions of Lou Engle’s comments that are past relativity because they were directed at the 2006 Abortion Vote.  We still choose to keep it all in here because the dream is still a prophetic word for today and the promise of abolishing abortion still stands.

In my dream there was a knock at my door. I answered the door and was handed an envelope by a faceless person (couldn’t distinguish a face). The envelope looked official. I perceived it to be a summons to appear in court. I opened the envelope expecting to see a document/letter. However, what I pulled out was ….a letter! The letter “A”….a cutout of the letter A and it was red with a diaper pin through the top of it. I checked the envelope again and found a note that said, “You must put this on.” I was stunned at seeing the letter and could only think of Hester in Nathaniel Hawthorne’s novel, The Scarlet Letter. I felt a rush of the shame and humiliation she had to bear in wearing the scarlet letter. I said, rather indignantly, “I can’t put this on! What would people think? I’ve never committed adultery and I’ve certainly never had an abortion! And why is this letter red anyway?” The faceless person said, (and here’s the goofy part….the person seemed to shift into a Fuller Brush salesman and said, “it’s the Red Letter Edition just like Jesus’ words in the Bible!” as though trying to sell me on the idea of putting it on). But then (back to a more dignified persona) he explained further, it’s covered with Jesus blood. This “A” stands for Authority. I pondered that a moment while looking it over more closely. Then suddenly the letter unfolded (like paper doll cutouts) into three A’s. The person said, “See the letters stand for Authority – Abolish – Abortion. Behold, I give you authority to trample over snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy.” Again I tell you that you must put this on and take this new level of authority. The letters represent the blood of Jesus who paid the price for this authority to be released for the freedom of little souls. You must Arise in Authority to Abolish Abortion. Then I saw fine print on the note. “Arise, take action to abolish the adversary of abortion.” Seemed like A’s just kept unfolding.”  Sept. 5, 2006  Brenda David

Interpretation:  Lou Engle of Bound4Life believes this dream is an Esther dream. A summons to the court of heaven and to bear the reproach of women who have committed acts of shame.  Hester in the novel got pregnant in the Puritan days of early New England and was forced to stand on a scaffold of shame daily with the scarlet A on her bosom.  There was no ministry to her, only shame.  The pastor in the story is the one who got her pregnant, and he remained silent….he bore his shame in silence.  His pain was so great an A became etched onto his skin over his heart…but he did not speak up until a day after the elections when he gave his most anointed sermon ever as he confessed his sin …and his shame for letting Hester bear the shame alone.  Hester was rejected and taunted, yet she had a contrite spirit and over time used her experience to help others.  She was a woman with gifts and skills that benefited the community, though still without acceptance.  The Lord is bringing this book to our attention today to take on the reproach of women who are in pain whether it be from abortions or other acts of shame. What does this have to do with winning the vote for life?  Understand the gravity of this….if SD women all over the state join together in intercession, take on the role of Esther and appeal to the King to change the edict to spare her people (unborn) from destruction……He will extend His scepter and it will be done!  Oh by the way, Hester literally means Esther.

September 27, 2006

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