The Dam is Breaking

The Dam is Breaking

Word given to Pierre Intercessors many times and recorded by Kathy Wunrow

Summer of 1996 – Ruth Hinesh was awakened by an angel in the middle of the night.  The angel said, “The LORD has something important to tell you.”  So she got up and this is what the LORD said,  “The Dam is Breaking”  Ruth was very startled and called me thinking it was the physical dam that would be breaking, which would have caused great alarm to any heart, because of the loss of lives that it would bring.  I (Kathy Wunrow) laughed when she told me because I had also received that same word from the LORD a few weeks prior.  And when inquiring to the LORD more I was told by the LORD that it meant the Spiritual Dam is about to Break.  PRAISE THE LORD!  On June 5th, 1997 Patty Lihs confirmed this same word again about the Spiritual Dam breaking.

May 2, 1999 A State in Revival!
Joshua 3:4-5  “for you have not passed this way before”
A River coming which no man can stop and no man can control.  Can you hold the Oceans back?  Can you stop the wind?  My Spirit will not be reined in by any man.  I’m coming in MY Power and MY Glory.  This is MY final hour and I will not be stopped.  MY Glory will be seen throughout the whole earth.

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