South Dakota State of Emergency

//South Dakota State of Emergency

South Dakota State of Emergency

Part 1

The Lord has given our state some very urgent words recently, coupled with events in SD that have put us in a spiritual state of emergency.  Please prayerfully read the following message and seek the Lord for how you are to respond.

3-9-14 Prophetic Dream A Storm is Coming

In this prophetic dream, our family was in PIERRE.  We were driving on CAPITOL Ave westward towards “RAPID”.  In the distance, to the West the sky was a filled with a horrible, ominous darkness….it screamed danger.  Then very suddenly the skies over the entire city of Pierre were covered in this ominous darkness.  The storm came rapidly from Rapid City and engulfed the city of Pierre.  I turned my head and screamed “Tornadoes!  We have to take cover”.  There were more dark and terrifying tornadoes than I could count.  My husband pulled the car into DAKOTAmart and we ran in to take cover in the basement.  Once in the basement I saw that sin was about ready to blossom and come to fruition in South Dakota and we, as a state were not ready to resist it and stand for righteousness.  This lack of character would bring God’s divine discipline upon us also.  But, in the dream, there was a man that told me that we could get a reversal on what is coming, but it would be very difficult and require hard work.

Friends, there is a VERY serious political storm coming to our Capitol City (Capitol Ave) that will affect all of South Dakota (hence DakotaMart symbol).  This storm is coming RAPIDLY (Rapid City) from the Rapid City direction (west) of our state. South Dakota must go low in humility and prayer….returning to our foundations (basement of DakotaMart).  I believe that just as this storm came quickly and took me by surprise, so our state will be taken by surprise and we are not ready as a state and government to stand up against this wicked storm that is racing towards us.  I feel that we must cry out to the Lord for divine intervention and a reversal of circumstances.  If we do not stand for righteousness in the midst of this storm, sin will blossom and increase in our state like we cannot comprehend.

3-11-14 Break the Silence, South Dakota

Two days later, I was before the Lord in prayer over this dream.  I had an unusually powerful time with the Lord.  When I asked the Lord what was coming in that horrible storm, I saw 2 huge dark doors/ gates with the words Same Sex Marriage written on them.  Behind these doors were a horde of demons and a darkness that could not be expressed.  These doors had opened over our nation as a whole.  And I saw that these horrible black doors had also opened up over various states ushering in a tremendous darkness.  States were falling like a house of cards before these demonic doors.  I saw that the enemy wished to bring a storm in this arena to SD so fast and furious that we could not stand as a government in it.  Then these demonic doors would open up over our state causing sin to grow and multiply.  This wickedness would incite the Lord’s disciplinary action.

After I was shown this, I spent time before the Lord asking him what could be done to keep this storm out or at least STAND firm for righteousness in the storm.  The real question was how can we, as a state, obtain a reversal?  How can we change this outcome?  How can we still obtain blessing from the Lord as a state and uphold God’s righteous standards?  In response, I saw the following:

I saw a judge’s hammer coming down.  Then I saw a set of scales tipped and I heard the Lord say, South Dakota, South Dakota, I have weighed you in the scales and found you wanting.  You want a reversal?  You want mercy and blessing?  Then BREAK THE SILENCE.  Your silence is ringing in my ears.  Silence.  Silence.  You have thought silence was righteous.  You have thought that a quiet faith was strong.  You were wrong!  Your silence is ringing in my ears its speaking loudly to me.  You want a reversal?  Then break the silence and boldly proclaim my truth.

In my mind, I was waiting for a prayer strategy from heaven.  But what the Lord said, was that his people have been timid and too quiet concerning his design for marriage and the atrocity of same sex marriage.  Far too many, have been far too silent.  And if this does not change we will be overcome by the storm of same sex marriage that is coming.  And this will bring God’s divine discipline upon our South Dakota.

3-13-14 Rapid City Front Page Story

Many of you know this, but just a few days after the Lord released the above messages, the announcement hit the front page of the Rapid City Journal (Link above to Rapid article).  2 women, backed by the LGBT, will be getting married out of state and returning to sue SD in attempts to overturn traditional marriage in our state. This has now taken place.  The 2 ladies spoken of in this article traveled to Minnesota and were married in a church there in April. The storm is coming from Rapid and it is coming quickly, and it is more dangerous than we could ever imagine.  In a blink it will be upon our whole state.

God is so good!  He did not have to give us prophetic words ahead of time.  He didn’t have to give us hope that the final outcome could be different. But he did!  And now the question is WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO WITH THIS OPPORTUNITY?  The Lord said that if we wanted a reversal of the outcome than we had to BREAK THE SILENCE!  It’s like the homosexual community has come out of the closet and the Christian community has went INTO the closet!  There is so much intimidation and fear over the people of God to speak the truth, but polite silence will cost us more than we could imagine in this hour.  Just a few days ago, the Lord gave me another dream concerning this.  I was in the sound booth of a conservative Christian church.  As the Pastor was speaking, I began to slowly turn up the volume.  Immediately, the pastor became uncomfortable and told me to turn it back down!  Friends, we have to turn up the volume even if it makes us uncomfortable!

Holly Jacobs (Prayer Leader of the Spearfish House of Prayer) had an encouraging vision on 3-11-14 also.  She saw the Lord dressed in white and riding a horse.  He held a jeweled crown in one hand and a jeweled sword in the other.  He was riding across SD to inspect us spiritually.  As he was doing this, he was looking for agreement in our state.   When he found someone who would boldly proclaim his truth, he would stop and knight them with his sword.  He would then put a crown on their head and a mantle of authority on their shoulders.  For sure, the Lord is encouraging us with this word!  He is eager and ready to anoint his people who will break the silence.  We will not stand alone in this battle.

South Dakota State of Emergency

Part 2


Last week I released a word concerning the demonic storm of gay marriage that is quickly coming to our state.  I feel the Lord is LOUDLY speaking to us, concerning a direction of prayer for our state, as we face this storm.  Repeatedly, I have seen in my spirit a picture of Jesus leaning down listening to what is being said from the pulpits of SD.  I feel the eye of the Lord is especially fixed on his Shepherds and he is waiting for them to wake up and speak.  Prayer Leaders and Intercessors, I am calling us to prayer for the Pastors of SD.  We must have a spiritual awakening among our spiritual leaders.  It is the highest priority in this hour.  The Shepherds/Pastors are a major key to breaking the silence on the same-sex marriage issue and receiving blessing and favor from the Lord in this hour.  The following are 2 understandings the Lord has given me concerning the Shepherds of SD.

  1. The Lord is EAGER to AWAKEN & STRENGTHEN SD’s Shepherds.

Last Saturday, as I was praying, I saw a great oak tree planted in the middle of our state, in Pierre.  Then I felt the Lord say that he was eager to strengthen his people to stand.  Isaiah 61:3- the Lord is eager to make his people oaks of righteousness, a planting of the Lord, for the display of his splendor.  Then, the Holy Spirit instructed me to pray & prophesy life and awakening to the Shepherds of our state.  As I did this, I saw in the spirit something like shock waves going throughout the state.  Then I saw this same Oak Tree (representing our spiritual leaders), the heavens opened over the great tree and I saw myriads of angels being released into SD.  The angels were going throughout the state to our sleeping Pastors and blowing on them to awaken them from their spiritual slumber.  I felt the Lord saying that he would release this, if we would be faithful to pray.  The Lord is truly EAGER to awaken his Shepherds!  Praise God!!

Friends, we are pushing on an open door!  When we pray for the awakening of the Pastors of SD, we are lining up with the King’s heart and desire for our state. The Lord is so eager and willing to answer this prayer!   Please pray with me in this direction.

  1. The Lord is bringing His SWORD to His Church in SD.

Yesterday, as I was before the Lord praying for His Shepherds, the Lord made it clear that he was bringing His sword to the Church of SD and especially our Pastors.  The Lord showed me a picture of Korah’s Rebellion and he said that the Sword of the Lord is drawing a line in the sand and those who will not come into agreement with the Lord will be judged by Him.  We know that the “sword of the Lord” is his WORD.  This same sex marriage issue is a dividing line.  The scripture is clear about where the Lord stands on this issue, but I am afraid that many of his leaders are not standing on the right side with God’s Word.

Friends, I feel the Lord is strongly telling us to pray for a spiritual awakening in our Shepherds.  It is what the Lord desires and his wind is on our prayers.  But for those who do not wake up to the Lord and respond correctly to him in this hour, there is divine discipline coming.  The bold proclamation of truth requires a response from each of us.

Church of South Dakota, Move into Action!

  1. Join others in Fasting and praying on Wednesdays for the spiritual awakening of our state and that the Lord would strengthen us to stand boldly for righteousness in this hour.  Please consider challenging those around you to enter into this commitment also.  There is power in unified prayer and fasting. Join us in praying for a Gideon’s Army of 300 devoted Christ-followers who will pray and fast for God’s mercy on our state.
  1. Pray for holy boldness to be on God’s people in South Dakota. Pray that Christians across the state would come out of the closet and honor the Lord by speaking God’s truth concerning marriage in both boldness and love.  One man, one woman, for life.  Pray for God to empower believers across the state to break the silence on this issue.
  1. Pray for God raise up the Church of SD to be a House of Prayer that will contend with these demonic gates.  Pray that God’s people will humble themselves and seek his face and turn from their wicked ways.  Pray that the Lord will build his church in SD and that the gates of hell will not prevail against it here.
  1. Pray for God to awaken and strengthen our Pastors and Spiritual Leaders to boldly proclaim the truth of the Gospel, especially concerning God’s design for marriage. Pray that the Pastors turn up the volume on truth.
  1. Pray for salvation to come to those in the homosexual community of South Dakota! Ephesians 6 says we wrestle not against flesh and blood.  People are not our enemies.  We must REACH out to those in homosexuality, while RESISTING the gay agenda that would crumble our very foundations.  Reach and Resist, this must be our strategy as we go forward.
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