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Unlocking Your Dreams Manual

We have our manual available for viewing online simply by clicking Unlocking Your Dream Student Manual or they are available for purchase in our STORE.

We are grateful too many in the Body of Christ who have been teaching and training others in Biblical dream interpretation for years.  We acknowledge with humility that we owe so much to those who have gone before us. There are many different ministries that have greatly impacted and formed our current teaching.  We would like to give thanks and recognition to the following people and their works: “Dream Language” by James W & Michal Ann Goll, “Understanding the Dreams you Dream” by Ira Milligan, and “Understanding Dreams & Visions Course 201” by John Paul Jackson.

Please do not duplicate & distribute these materials for profit.

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Have you ever wished you could hear God better?

In this 6 part audio series Autumn teaches how to hear and understand God’s voice through dreams.
To purchase the Unlocking Your Dreams training materials, visit our online STORE.

Rights to all materials belong to Encounter Ministries & Autumn Mann. Duplication & distribution of any materials for profit is strictly prohibited.

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