Prophecy from High Praise Assembly of God in Bolivar, MO

//Prophecy from High Praise Assembly of God in Bolivar, MO

Prophecy from High Praise Assembly of God in Bolivar, MO

Given by: Guest speaker, Stephen George, from India
October 25, 1998
Given to the group of believers from Pierre on their way to Pensacola,  FL.

“I feel a strong anointing and God’s presence in this section, I don’t know who you are or where you come from; but I just feel you brought heaven with you.  It’s like you just come out of the oven, just come out of the altar, it’s all over this section.  We are not here to play church, and when the Holy Ghost comes down, we have church.  Give Him the first fruits of your worship, give Him the first fruits of your praises.  Give Him the first fruit, give Him the first fruit, give Him the first fruit.  Somebody has just seen the sickle of the Lord just stretched out, I’m just told about it, just the sickle of God and God’s bringing in the harvest.  This is hallowed and Holy Ground, because where God is, is Holy.Don’t you look for a popular sight, where God comes down becomes Holy ground.  The visitation of God is about to hit your people, is about to hit your land.  There was a time you thought you knew God, there’s coming a time you’ll say God, I hardly know you.  Just that I belong to you that’s all I know.  The fire of God is going to come from your fingers and your hands.  I don’t know why I’m getting that name, Dakota; South Dakota.  Anyone from there?  Praise God.  God is making that place like a furnace, you think that there is fire in Brownsville, there will be more fire in Dakota.  From the mouth of the Missouri will be flooded with the awesome Glory of God.  You thought in the natural there were floods, but what is coming is beyond man’s holding power.  Fire.  The breath of God fresh upon the land.  I see men big in stature, I see men strong, not only in the physical, but in their Spirit.  I see men that will defy the devil, that will build no idols, but the fire that will spread through their land.  Take it. The fire flows.  I see simple folk, people that have not known the polish of this world, suddenly rise up on the wings of eagles. And this will be the sign, in your land you will see hundreds of eagles fly, at times thousands hovering above the earth, it shall be a sign that the visitation of God is about to strike.  For in prayer you will travail and bring forth a generation and where your feet will go prayer will go and raise up an army of intercessors and in Faith you will build and know the power of God for there are things new to you, but you will be well groomed in them into the deep things of the Holy Ghost.  I see in the country side in the villages that men work with their hands.  I see the hand of the harvester pulling the sickle and every time he pulls it there comes in a big bunch.”

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