Maturity in Spiritual Gifts

//Maturity in Spiritual Gifts

Maturity in Spiritual Gifts

1 Thessalonians 5:19 “Do not stifle the Holy Spirit.  Do not scoff at prophecies.  But test everything that is said.  Hold on to what is good.  Stay away from every kind of evil.”

  1. “Do not stifle the Holy Spirit.”  Lord, we ask you to help us to never restrict the Holy Spirit in our lives and ministries.  Lord, we ask for your forgiveness for ways that we have partnered with an attitude of control and fear.  We trust you, Holy Spirit.  Have your way in our lives and in our ministries.  We will not stifle your work in us or among us.
  1. “Do not scoff at prophecies.” Holy God, help us to possess the right attitude toward prophecy and the prophetic gifts.  Forgive us for any ways that we have taken lightly your prophetic ministry in the church.  Help us to cherish the working of the Holy Spirit through prophecy.
  1. “But test everything that is said.” Faithful Father, we ask you to grow your church in wisdom and discernment.  Help us to know your Word and to build our very lives upon it.  Lord, we ask you to help us to accurately judge all prophecy against the timeless and unmovable truth of your word.  Mature your church in the ability to recognize truth from falsehood.
  1. “Hold on to what is good. Stay away from every kind of evil.”  Lord, we ask for discernment to understand true from false prophets.  Lord, grow us in wisdom and understanding.  Help us to rightly divide every word that is spoken and to be able to easily distinguish the treasure from the trash.  Lord, help us to truly hold on to what is good and help us to run from what is evil.
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