Joseph’s Arise

//Joseph’s Arise

Joseph’s Arise

Starting in 2008 the Lord has given us MANY prophetic dreams concerning disaster coming to America.  One of the dominant themes in these dreams is that the majority of Americans are not paying attention and almost completely unprepared for what is coming to our Nation.  But in the past year, it feels that the Lord is especially highlighting the state of the church in relation to preparing for what is coming.  Friends, I feel so pressed to tell you that you must begin to prepare now for a great economic disaster.

The Joseph’s must arise!

It was in the midst of Egypt’s season of blessing that Joseph came onto the scene.  Joseph took a hold of 2 prophetic dreams that were given to Pharaoh and from there puts into place a 7 year preparatory plan to save the planet!  What Joseph accomplished in 7 years is nothing less than astounding.  Under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit he was able to draw up a plan to store enough food to sustain a nation, through a devastating 7 year drought, which soon turned into a 7 year famine.  The very bloodline of Christ was preserved through his faithful preparations.  And just as the Lord called forth Joseph during a season of plenty, so he is calling forth his Josephs right now during our own season of plenty.

Friends, America is in a season of blessing economically.  I don’t know if this will last 6 more months or 6 more years, but I see its end on the horizon.  As I stand in the Spirit looking to the future, there are several mountains that Holy Spirit has shown me clearly.  While these mountains are easy to see, it is difficult to judge how far away they are from us right now.  And although, I can’t give you the date when this will happen, I can say that the level of urgency on this message has increased significantly.  So here I stand, joining my voice with many other prophetic voices in the land, and I’m blowing a trumpet.  It is urgent that God’s people take action and prepare.  This season of plenty is going to come to an abrupt end.  It is imperative that the Josephs rise up NOW to prepare for what the future holds.  The Biblical Joseph was used to preserve an entire nation from complete starvation.  In similar fashion, the Lord’s church is called to be a preserving force on the earth also.  I believe the Lord could use our careful preparations to preserve our families, our neighborhoods, or even our cities or states.  The danger comes when we don’t respond to the Lord’s promptings in times of plenty.  Just think how differently Egypt’s history would have read if Joseph hadn’t responded to the word of the Lord and led a nation in preparation!

How Can I prepare?

I want to share a few practical preparation instructions that the Holy Spirit has highlighted.  Please understand, God has a tailor made preparation plan for you.  I encourage you to get alone with God and listen and then obey.  The most important preparation anyone can ever make for difficult times is to cultivate their relationship with the Lord.  There is no substitute for a bright and awakened heart.  Break away from the world, and put your roots down deep in the Lord through prayer and fasting. Then rise up and walk out the instructions of the Lord.

  1. Learn NOW how to access the storehouses of Heaven.

One day, not long ago I was in the presence of the Lord and I felt the Spirit say to me, “My people don’t know how to access the storehouses of heaven.”  Humility and Faith are the keys.  It is wise to learn to be completely dependent on God before your circumstances require it. I may write more on this in the future.

  1. Cultivate a lifestyle of extreme generosity.

Matthew 6:20 “Store your treasures in heaven, where moths and rust cannot destroy, and thieves do not break in and steal.”  In times of trouble and need, God’s people glorify him by operating in a generous spirit.  But if we cannot live out radical generosity in seasons of plenty, it will be difficult to live out radical generosity in seasons of lack.  Believe me when I tell you, God is not raising you up to be a Joseph so you can be a fearful, selfish hoarder in times of need.  Quite on the contrary!  I believe the Lord is prodding his people to cultivate a spirit of generosity now so that we can be a tremendous blessing in the future.

  1. Make a practical Joseph Plan.

Each believer needs to take time before the Lord to ask him for the preparation plan for their family.  I encourage you to pray and consider making the following elements part of your preparation plans.

  • Get out of debt! I cannot emphasize the importance of this enough.  When God said that the lender is slave to the borrower, He wasn’t joking.  I encourage you to re-evaluate your finances and ask the Lord to help you get completely out of debt.  God has plenty of provision for His people and sometimes he is waiting on us to begin to seriously connect our faith to something big.
  • Consider purchasing silver or gold. I believe it is quite likely that there will be a day when the US dollar isn’t worth the money that it is printed on, but silver and gold has had value in the earth since before the days of Solomon.  Recently, the Lord showed me that following a season of deflation would rapidly come a season of inflation.  This inflation would GREATLY affect all believers.  And in the dream, most of the church was not prepared for it.  I encourage you to consider acquiring silver or gold as an alternate money source in difficult times.
  • Consider storing 8 months of food and provisions. I have indications from the Holy Spirit that there will be at least 8 MONTHS OF SEVERE HARDSHIP coming to our region and nation.  (I believe it may be tied to the inflation problem that is on the horizon).  I may write more on this also in the future.  I encourage you to prepare to provide for others.  When I am thinking about how much dried beans and rice to purchase, I am not just thinking about my family of 4.  I am thinking of my neighbors.  I am thinking of the single mothers in my church.  I am thinking of the thousands of people who are already needy in my community.  If you need assistance in coming up with a practical plan, I recommend visiting John Paul Jackson’s site: .  You can find many great suggestions for emergency preparations there.

Lastly, friends, don’t despise small acts of obedience.  Do what you are capable of doing to prepare and then ask the Lord to enable you supernaturally to do more.  This may look like buying $20 a month of extra non-perishable food, or buying silver in $100 increments, or budgeting an extra $50 a month towards your mortgage.  Remember, how our God works.  If you give him what’s in your hand, he will multiply it.  It was Jesus who took the little boy’s 5 loaves and 2 fish and fed over 5000 people with it (John 6).  I encourage you to give the Lord everything that is in your hand and then step back and watch him work!

Friends, the Lord is doing many amazing things in our state and region.  He is doing amazing things in our nation.  I believe we are in the beginning stages of a great spiritual awakening.  I believe we could go as far as to say that the awakening is both HERE and it is COMING (in greater measure).  In the midst of awakening the Lord’s church, he is calling forth Josephs to prepare to be light houses in the dark days ahead.  Let’s take heart and remember his promises!  Psalm 34:5 “Those who look to him are radiant; their faces are never covered with shame.”

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