Invite Autumn to do an Unlocking Your Dreams Seminar

//Invite Autumn to do an Unlocking Your Dreams Seminar
Invite Autumn to do an Unlocking Your Dreams Seminar 2016-03-12T03:16:42-06:00

 An Unlocking Your Dreams Seminar is an all day, hands on teaching event that is designed to equip Christians to better understand what God is saying to them through their dreams. The Bible is our foundation and framework for all sound prophetic teaching.  Studying the Bible, Autumn sets a foundation for how God speaks through dreams today and teaches Biblical principles for how to interpret God-given dreams.  Teaching through the dreams of the Bible as well as the parables of Jesus, Autumn will open up the symbolic language of Heaven and help each person to know how to better hear and understand God’s voice in the night.

This practical teaching will open up the world of spiritual dreams and better equip you to unlock your dreams in the night!  In this interactive seminar you will:

  • Discover what God says about dreams in the Bible
  • Learn how to discern if a dream is from God
  • Gain understanding into the language of Heaven
  • Understand that you were created to hear God’s voice
  • Be equipped to better steward your dreams for increase
  • Learn how to position your life for God-encounters in the night
  • Practice interpreting dreams using Biblical principals