Freedom from Anxiety and Fear

//Freedom from Anxiety and Fear

Freedom from Anxiety and Fear

1st John 4:18 There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear.   

  1. “There is no fear in love.” Father, we praise You and thank You for the worthiness of Your love. We thank You that You desire there to be no fear within us. Father, we confess that many times we fall into fear, anxiety, and doubt. We ask you to forgive us for being unable to comprehend or accept the depth of your love for us. Lord, give us this revelation. Increase our capacity to believe in the greatness of Your love. Enable our spirits to receive Your love. Father, help us know your omnibenevolent nature; Your all-encompassing, unconditional, immeasurable, never failing love. Let our awareness of Your love embolden us to be fearlessly joyful, regardless of our circumstances. Help us live as children who know without any doubt our Father is ever faithful, strong, mighty, and able to redeem us from anything.
  2. “But perfect love casts out fear.” Father, we thank you that the way You love is perfect. You loved us when we were lost in our sins. You love us, fully knowing we are not perfect. Help us understand the perfect love that always forgives; that always covers, and always loves, even when it is doubted or rejected. Father we confess that if we could comprehend the way Your love covers all our sins, flaws, and imperfections, we would live in total freedom from fear and anxiety. Oh God, help us; give us this understanding. Your will is for us to live in a secure place of trusting in Your love. Father, help us agree with Your word; that in the fullness of perfect love, there is no place for fear. God, we pray that You will bring us into the perfect union of love that You desire to have with us. Strengthen our belief that You are always with us. You will never abandon us, You will never forget us. You will comfort us, strengthen us, and guide us through every trial we will face in this life. Father we ask that the endowment of Your perfect love for us will bring us freedom from all fear, anxiety, doubt, and insecurity.


God did not give us the spirit of fear, but of power, love, and a sound mind.    2nd Timothy 1:7   

  1. “God did not give us the spirit of fear.” God, we agree with Your truth. It is not You who gives us fear and anxiety, but these come from the enemy. Father help us break agreement with satan and his lies. Deliver us from the enemy’s oppressive influence over our spirits, our thoughts, and our emotions. Alert us to his lies before they become a complete thought in our minds. Instead, help us speak Your truth over ourselves; that You love us, You delight in us, You want relationship with us. God, we bless You and thank You that you do not despise us, even in our iniquity. Help us trust that when we call on You, You hear us. Father, forgive us for being fearful and not considering the worthiness of Your character. Empower us to take our victory over all fear, anxiety, doubt, and distrust.
  1. “but of power.” Jesus, thank You that You have sent the Helper to us. We ask You to bring us into full understanding that God Himself lives within each of us. God, we thank you that Your plan and Your will is for us to have access to Your Power through the presence of the Holy Spirit. Father, open our minds to comprehend the amazing power that You have placed within our reach. Help us live in this realm of Godly power; the power to love, the power to forgive, the power to heal, the power to rejoice, the power to grow, the power to overcome, the power to stand in peace, the power to choose wisdom, and all the many ways Your power manifests in and through us. God we thank You and we ask You to take us to a higher level in understanding how to appropriate Your power.
  1. “And of love.” Father, thank You that You are the God of Love; You are the only true God, and You are the Spirit of Love. Forgive us for the times we have not acted in a spirit of love. Help us bring glory to You by being people of love; by wholeheartedly agreeing with and living out Your greatest commandments. Lord, push back the borders of our hearts; increase the measure of the love we have for You. Increase in us the love we have for all of Your people. Help us become a people who are easily distinguishable as Yours by the power of Your love within us. Help us to never doubt Your love for us. Father, help us be unafraid to declare Your love over ourselves and unreserved in displaying our love for You.
  1. “And a sound mind.“ Father, thank You that we are made in Your image. Thank You that You created our minds to be sound, perfect, rational, and logical. God, help us stand steadfastly in this truth. Forgive us for the times we have allowed the enemy access to our lives by entertaining unholy, irrational thoughts, and giving ourselves to attitudes that are not from You. Father, we pray and ask You to free our minds from any and all confusion and hindrance. Heal our minds and deliver us from the oppression of the enemy. Give us the wisdom to think according to Your commands. Help us keep our minds in a constant state of renewal. Help us to be people who live daily in the beauty and the power of a sound mind.



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