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Amphitheater – magnification; being heard

Atrium – light & growth from heaven

Auto Repair Shop – ministry restoration, renewal & repair

Back Porch – history; past

Barn/warehouse – a place of provision & storage

Castle – authority, fortress, royal residence

Country General Store – provision; basics, staples

Elevator – changing position; going up in the spiritual realm, elevated; going down in demotion, trial; backsliding

Farm – place of provision

Foundation – important foundational issues; established; stable or unstable (depending on the context); the gospel; sound doctrine; church government

Front Porch – vision; future

Garage – place to rest & refresh; place of protection; covering for ministries or people

Garden – a person’s heart; love; intimacy; growth

Gas Station – receiving power; refilling or fueling of the Spirit; empowering

Hallway – transition that is usually direct or without deviation

High-rise Building – high spiritual calling or high spiritual perspective

Hospital – place of healing, healing anointing

House – person, family; ministry; church

Previous / Old Home – past; inheritance; memory; revisiting old issues

Buying, or living in, the house of a known person in the ministry – similar calling or gifting

Two-story House – double anointing

Hotel – transition; temporary; place to relax or receive

Jail / Prison – bondage; rebellion; addiction

Prisoners – lost souls; persecuted saints

Library – learning; knowledge; research

Mall – market place; provision for all your needs in 1 place; Negative – self centeredness; materialism

Mobile Home / Trailer House – temporary place, condition or relationship; movement, easily movable; poverty

Mountain – place of encountering God; obstacle; difficulty; challenge; Kingdom, nation

Office building – getting things accomplished; productivity

Park – rest, peace; leisure; God’s blessing; vagrancy

Roof – spiritual covering

School / Classroom – training period; a place of teaching; teaching ministry; teaching anointing

Shack – poverty

Stadium – place of tremendous impact

Staircase – up: promotion; down: demotion, backsliding, failure; heavenly portal; up or down in the spirit and anointing; steps that need to be taken

Swimming Pool – place of spiritual refreshing; a place of God’s Spirit; immersed in God; dirty water can indicate spiritual pollution, corruption or backslidden condition

Tent – temporary place of rest; meeting place with God

Theater – on display, visible; going to be shown something; clarity; spiritual sight; fleshly lust

Windows – vision; letting light in, spiritual sight, opportunity (as in an “open window of opportunity”)

Zoo – strange; chaos; commotion; very busy place; noisy strife