Cindy Jacob’s Prophetic Word for North & South Dakota

//Cindy Jacob’s Prophetic Word for North & South Dakota

Cindy Jacob’s Prophetic Word for North & South Dakota

As Given Through Cindy Jacobs 
In The Midst Of a Minneapolis, MN Conference
January 2002


And the Lord says to North and South Dakota, “I am marrying you and am bringing you together as one.  And I am going to move by My Spirit”.  And the Lord says, “I am going to raise up many prophets from North and South Dakota, for there is a prophetic gift in those states that has been pushed down.  And I am getting ready to release the Spirit of Prophesy and the Word of the Lord will come”, says the Lord. 

And the Lord says, “There are treasures of darkness that I have been holding underground for this hour.  And I’m going to release this Cyrus anointing upon both North and South Dakota.  And there’s going to be an anointing to break asunder the gates of brass and the bars of iron.  Isaiah 45 is for these two states”, says the Lord. 

And the Lord says, “Oh, the revival is going to come in an unusual place.  It’s going to come in the business sector.  I’m going to bring a great, great revival in the business sector.”  And the Lord says, “Then it’s going to move into every institution.”

Cindy stops…then says, “Ah…mining…is there mining there?”    “Yes” is heard in the background.

The Lord says, “There will be a revival in the mines, even like they had in the Welsh Revival.   I’m going to visit the miners.”  The Lord says, “My Holy Spirit is going to go underground and there is going to be released….it’s going to be like a volcano.”

Cindy says, “I can see what’s in this underground mine and satan thought he would take over those mines.”

But the Lord says, “I’m going to release gold.”

Cindy stops and then asks, “You have gold there?”    “Yes” is heard in the background.


“But the Lord says, “I’m going to release gold,  I’m going to release minerals,  I’m going to put you on the map”, says the Lord.

Cindy ends in, “Hallelujah!”


Considerations In The Light Of This Word

1) Ninety-some percent of the crystals mined, in use by those involved within the New Age system, are mined within the Black Hills.

“I can see what’s in this underground mine and satan thought he would take over these mines.”  “I’m going to release minerals.”

2) It has been said in geological reports that the largest vein of gold has yet to be discovered within the Black Hills.

“But the Lord says I’m going to release gold.”

3) The timing of this word is significant, as it has been conveyed that there is, presently, serious discussion regarding the mines…and their future.  The understanding shared, is that it could go either way…but if one way were to occur, all mining would be lost forever.

4) North and South Dakota have much in common, in regard to their ancient pathways.  The origins of influence are the same, in relationship to each side of the Missouri River…being but just one example.

5) North and South Dakota have co-labored together in oneness of spirit, for we have coordinated specific prayer thrusts on the same day and time zones across the whole of both states.

6) South Dakota’s Black Hills immediately comes to mind in regards to mining and gold, but North Dakota’s known “treasures of darkness held underground” are: cement rock, clay, coal, salt, sand and gravel, uranium, volcanic ash and oil.






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