Chuck Pierce Dutch Sheets Prophetic Decrees

//Chuck Pierce Dutch Sheets Prophetic Decrees

Chuck Pierce Dutch Sheets Prophetic Decrees

Chuck Pierce and Dutch Sheets
Pierre, SD, Riggs High School, June 28-29, 2004

Let me say to you the Lord wants you to war with the prophetic word.  He wants you to war with both the written down Word of God that you take and you begin to decree and speak that Word over your region, which is going to awaken the prophetic anointing, the pure spiritual anointing of God.  And He also wants you to war with the spontaneous prophetic anointing that comes.  These words that are spoken; God will quicken to you other things and you will begin to obey what He says and you decree what He says and the prophetic anointing is going to awaken the prophetic anointing.  I have never said that before, but that is what is going to happen.  The prophetic anointing is going to release the prophetic anointing.

And I think what the Lord wants to say to us tonight is that He wants to bring glory back to this place.  He wants His name to be glorified here.  He wants to take a stronghold of giants and turn it into a stronghold for Him.  He wants to take that which Satan has infiltrated through curses and defilement and He wants to turn it into something that is a place from which He can conspicuously display His glory.  See the Ark of the Covenant in Jerusalem, a high place, once ruled by giants, and see the glory of God there now.  And when you see that, you see what He wants to do here.  I want to take the strongholds and turn them into a place where I can conspicuously display My glory, My mercy, My pleasure.

Lord, I believe you want to turn the Dakotas into a stronghold of righteousness.  You are going to heal these reservations, you are going to heal the land, you are going to break off every curse, you are going to transform that which Satan has come and trampled down and belittled, and disparaged, and made a place that where it should be a place from which you rule, he has turned it into something that has been trampled under feet; but you are going to set up a throne here, a stronghold of righteousness. And you are going to rule from here.  It is going to be known that God lives in the Dakotas.  It is going to be known that they are a place where intimacy with God is enjoyed.  It is going to be known that God, the Most High God, lives here.  And that He is the Possessor of all the Earth.  So we just want to decree right now that God owns North and South Dakota.  He owns the Dakotas.

So I say, begin to sow into these regions, these places.  Begin to give your money, your time, your prayers, your declarations.  Go to them and worship with them, do everything you can to partner with them, because a part of what God wants to do in this land will begin there, the Lord says.

Now God is saying You have reached a point in your development through prayer, through the declaration of the Word, through worship, through fasting, through coming together, through repentance; you have reached a point now where you can break the stronghold.  You can disarm the giant.  You can clear the defilement out and allow something very pure to come forth.

This is why these words have been coming, and take them please, very seriously, about gathering together, going to the border between the two states, worshipping.

Decrees and Declarations (SPN)

There’s a war over this place.  And the Lord is saying, It’s mine.  These Hills are mine, the wealth is mine, these mountains are mine.  It’s all mine.  Now you have come along, and you’ve beaten down people, and you’ve made it a stronghold of demonic powers through covenant breaking and shedding of innocent blood, idolatry, but I am going to tell you right now, I’m going to establish it again as My Stronghold and I am going to make it a conspicuous place of My Presence.

And I would say to you, I am bringing a reversal in this state, sayeth the Lord.  I am going to begin to cause amongst you, someone to rise up and I am going to bring them into the ultimate leadership of this state.  For you have come close to breakthrough, but you have not broken through.  And I say even tonight, I am setting the course for breakthrough, sayeth the Lord.  I say I am going to be exalting one who not only will govern this state, but from the governments of this state, I say you will begin to rule a nation, sayeth the Lord.  So I would say to you, even in the midst of this state, there will come one who will legislate this land, sayeth the Lord.

And I would say to you, I am going to go into the low place of this state, and even bring a surprise move of myself.  I say from the low place of this state, from the low place of this state, I will begin to cause the movement of my presence to begin to move outward into the state, and from in the state, it will move into this particular land and affect this nation.  I say I will go into Pine Ridge and I will begin to move in an unexpected, surprising way.  I say I will draw the eyes of this nation into Pine Ridge, sayeth the Lord. 

And I would say even though leviathan has twisted and changed and even caused words to come from this state and this land that would send the nation in a wrong way, I would say to you, I will break the power of leviathan in this state, sayeth the Lord.

For the eye of the enemy has been watching from this state to control a nation, sayeth the Lord.  But I would say to you, even tonight, my eye has come down upon this state, and I am now watching this state and I am watching the enemy in this state, sayeth the Lord.  I say, no longer will that which has been working, that which has been hidden, be able to hide from me, sayeth the Lord.  I would say to you, now is the time that I will begin to cause My pavement, the pavement for My throne, to arise within this state.  I say there will be three cities in this state that will experience a great move of my spirit, and from the move of my spirit, it will be seen and heard throughout this entire land.  I would say to you, not any would have thought I would have watched after South Dakota, but I say My eye is upon you and from this place the nation will begin to be legislated, sayeth the Lord.

We decree that the Dakotas are places where the cross of Jesus is manifested.  We declare the shed blood of Jesus now.  The power of the cross is invading South Dakota, North Dakota, and that every stronghold of giants is going to be saturated with the cleansing, healing power of the blood of Jesus that was shed in Jerusalem, that used to be a stronghold of giants, that was a down-trodden place, where giants ruled and later ultimately became the place where all the sin of all the earth of all of eternity was washed away.  We say that the Dakotas are going to picture that.  They are going to picture a place where the strong man was torn down, and the strongholds of darkness were destroyed, and the very power to transform became so conspicuous and so obvious that God began to rule there, and it became a stronghold of life for America.

Lord, I decree, and we declare, in the name of Jesus, that the spirit of leviathan that has controlled, manipulated, distorted, taken truth and deceived with it, and strangled the moves of God, we just declare, based on your word tonight, that that spirit is being exposed and dealt with, and no longer will that spirit rule this land.  It has said the Lord is not coming in, it has said, David is not coming in, it has said The rule of God is not coming into this state, but we say, that according to the word of God and now the prophetic word of the Lord, that spirit is being driven out of this state, that it will no longer rule, and it will no longer have influence over the people of God, it will no longer control, it will no longer defile the land.  It will no longer influence from here to Washington D.C.

We pray the motto of this state is Under God the People Rule.  The motto, the state motto, on your seal, is that “Under God, the People Rule.”  We say that according to the very slogan, ˜One Nation Under God”, that this is the state that decrees that that is so.  And that that is trying to be robbed from us as a nation, that we will not be one nation under God, we say that South Dakota plays a role, because South Dakota has a statement that says, ˜Under God the People Rule.”  So we say from this state there will go forth a decree of the Lord.  There will go forth a Governing Spirit of God, a governing decree that will reverse the effects of the enemy that has tried to steal from God the glory due His name in this land, and we say that South Dakota and the strength that is here in this state and the decree that is in this state will go forth from this state, and the people of God will rule under God for this state and for this nation.

So, Father, we say from South Dakota let the grassroots movement amongst the people in South Dakota begin that will influence this entire land.  Father, we say, let Your Spirit begin to move in a grassroots movement across this state and let it begin to flood and jar this entire land.  We say, let the grassroots movement begin.

And we just declare and decree that the Spirit of the Lord is coming to these nine reservations.  Just get with me on this one, will you?  We have touched on this, we have gone there, we have made declarations.  I want to do it one more time.  You guys go right ahead and worship, start playing if you would.  Just worship in the spirit.  But I just decree right now, in Jesus name, that the Spirit of God is coming to visit the Native People of this state and North Dakota.  There is going to be an outpouring of the Spirit of God that comes to this region, and it is going to flow through all of these reservations until that spirit of leviathan that has ruled there is completely driven out.  The spirit of death that has ruled, the spirit that has tried to strangle them and steal and kill and destroy, tried to shame, and tried to take from them their inheritance, we say that yes, there has been something reserved for those people, and they will rise up and begin to be seen as a people of God, as a blessed people, as a people visited by the very Spirit of the Lord, and there will be a move of God’s Spirit that will be key to what He wants to do in this entire state.

Decree, in Jesus’ name, that the leviathan thing that has tried to strangle and suppress and push them down, is being broken, and the spirit of death is being replaced now by a Spirit of life.  And they are going to be visited by the Lord Jesus Christ and that which has stolen, killed, and destroyed, and brought curse after curse, is being broken off of them, and there is a move, a wave, a wind of the Spirit that is coming, that is going to be greater than anything Satan could ever do to stop it.  And it is going to literally invade. It is going to break poverty, it’s going to break death, it’s going to break destruction, it’s going to break idolatry off, it is going to bring life and blessing, in Jesus’ name.  We decree it over them now, and we say:  We bless you, in the name of the Lord.  Take your rightful place in this nation as leaders. Take your rightful place of blessing.  Take your rightful place as First Nation Hosts of this land.  We love you, we need you, we bless you.  We can’t receive our inheritance without you.  We cannot receive our destiny as a nation without you.

We declare that we will win and Father that the power of the Cross will be displayed.  That we will enter into our destiny as a place of friendship with God.

And God says “Wait a minute, I’ve got to come in.  There is something wrong in the atmosphere that is allowing that and I am going to put My finger on it, you’re going to worship and it is going to overturn.  I am going to rectify it, because it is stopping My overall redemptive plan of what I have planned.”

God says for you to “Rise up in worship all over this state, join hands and I will deviate, break the power of division and change the atmosphere of this state.  Get ready, He is doing a new thing

And the Lord says, “I have already set it up for you.  Don’t worry about your defeat, just keep exercising your faith until the whole atmosphere breaks through.  Because I have a redemptive plan in this land that is unique to this entire nation.”

Well God is saying that to the church this morning; “Be open!  Let me show you some new things.”

(It is in the people of this state to change our Nation and yet it is locked up.  So I have brought this gift, it is a cloth with horses running.  And the Lord says to me)

“This is what South Dakota will look like.  I will set My people free there.  They will come out of their captivity again. Their confinement will break that has been around them.  I will set them free, I will give them new strength.  And not only will they run again, but they will run fast enough to establish themselves at the gate of this land and cause the gate of our Nation to begin to change.”  The Lord says “I am loosing the horses and the strength of the horse to run again in South Dakota.”

(Now I am going to give this as a gift to our brother here (Bill Red Bear), and I want to declare that and there is so much history in this bloodline here, and we all know that.)

I want to declare that this redemptive plan for God that the enemy has tried to thwart and capture in this state, will be unlocked.  The gates will open up and it will begin to run forth again in a whole new way.  I decree a restoration of the prophetic voice in this land.  Lord, I decree that the anointing of power in this place will come into a new dimension.  Lord, we say that the power of tradition and religion would break.  Lord, we say (as was said last night,) the stronghold of this land will be overturned.  Lord we say, you are erecting a new altar of worship in this particular state.  We say, LET THE HORSES RUN IN SOUTH DAKOTA!!

So we just prophetically speak now to South Dakota.  I speak to this region.  I speak to North Dakota.  I speak to Montana, Wyoming, Idaho.  I speak to the heavenlies, the spirit realm, the atmosphere.  I speak to the land, the soil, and I say that the very seed of the prophetic anointing of Jesus Christ is going to awaken!  And a people are going to learn how to move by the Spirit, not the soul, the Spirit and they are going to allow the pure gifting to come forth and they are going to become Word Warriors that are going to bring forth the Word of the Lord.  They are going to decree and it will be established.  They are going to decree by the Spirit.  They are going to take the written Word and decree it by the Spirit.  And there will be a marriage of the Word and the Spirit over this state and this region that has never occurred.  I said, there will be a marriage of the Word and the Spirit over this region that has never existed before and the redemptive gifts and anointings that are here, that have lain there dormant and have never been released, are about to be released into the earth.

I declare and decree a Spirit of Worship will arise and the worship will penetrate the heavens and it will cause an awakening, an awakening, an awakening, an awakening!  I keep hearing the word AWAKEN!  Awaken, awaken, I say to the seed of God’s Word and the prophetic anointing that is in this region.  I speak to you now and I say AWAKEN!  Come forth by the Spirit of God!  Rise up!  Go, spring forth in the earth!  Let the voice of God be heard again.

I say to the religious spirits that have controlled.  That your hold is being weakened now and you will not prevail.  You will not prevail.  You will not continue to cause the people of God to be simply religious and operate from the soul and not the spirit.  I say to you, there will be a Spirit of Revelation that displaces you.  There will be a Spirit of Revelation that displaces you.  (I have never really made that connection before, but I see it now.  The Spirit of Revelation is what overcomes the spirit of religion.)  I say that there is a Spirit of Revelation that is displacing you in the heavenlies, and the people of God here are going to move in revelation, they are going to move into amazing revelation, new revelation, fresh revelation, and this religiosity that marries witchcraft is being BROKEN off of you now!  In Jesus Name!

I decree that the Wind of Heaven is about to blow across these plains and these mountains.  There is coming a Breath from Heaven, carrying a Voice.  Hear me, I know that is a Word from the Lord.  It is the Voice of Genesis.  It is the Voice of Pentecost.  It is the Voice of the prophets.  There is coming a Wind from Heaven, and I say to the Spirit of God “Blow across South Dakota!  Blow across North Dakota!  Blow in this region!”  I decree there is a Wind of Heaven coming carrying the Voice of God.  The very creative Breath of God is coming, and I release it now in this region!  Let it bear you along.

I decree that the spiritual leaders of this region are going to come into incredible understanding and revelation, strategy that will bring strategy of what to do, how to do it and when to do it.  I release to you the anointing of the sons of Issachar to hear the Word of the Lord, have a discernment for the times and the strategies.  Because of their discernment of the times, they also knew what to do.  I say there is coming to you an ability to discern the timing and the strategy of the Spirit and I release that prophetic anointing to you now.  I command it to AWAKEN, in Jesus Name, in you!

The Gifts of the Spirit of God.  Now awaken.  Prophecy.  Word of Knowledge.   Word of Wisdom.  Gift of Faith.  Gifts of Healing.  Working of miracles  AWAKEN!  Awaken discerning of spirits.  Come on, awaken!  Awaken!  A new prophetic anointing on the worship over this region and this state, awaken!  Song of the Lord come.  Song of the Lord.  Worship and warfare mix.  Worshipping Warriors come forth.  Come forth!  Wind of God be over the worship over this region.  Come now, I command it forth in Jesus Name!  WORSHIP WARRIORS ARISE!  Come forth in Jesus Name!  Invade the atmosphere.  Yeah, invade the atmosphere!

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    This is most encouraging
    i have also just made the link between Revelation displacing the religious spirit and jezebel….The confusion and fear that tries to reign over the genuine Prophetic Voice and shut it down has been very strongly opposing for a long time { I am based in France…} but in these recent days, I have a growing sense that this is about to change, following an increase in dreams from the Lord. This led me to verify some symbols on your website which then introduced me to Autumn Mann’s videos….its SO good to hear this teaching again, which I have known but needed reviving.

    Many thanks

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      Thank you Marie for this encouragement! I was also glad to hear that you are from France. We just returned last week from ministering there! Bless you.

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    This is such an awesome word for South Dakota! My family and I lived in Sioux Falls back in the late 80’s. Two of my children were born there and I was awakened to the prophetic and worship then too! I now live in Louisiana again and see the connection between SD and Louisiana with the Louisiana Purchase. Declaring and believing God’s word for SD!

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