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An Anointing to Match the European Crisis

A Call for Americans to Pray for Europe

Several months ago, I was praying and interceding for Western Europe.  I will be honest; I was completely overwhelmed and on the brink of despair over the condition of the continent.  […]

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America, You Are Too Young to Die

Restoring God’s Original Purposes for Our Wayward Nation.

What does the future hold for a nation that willfully rejects God and plunges head first into sin and darkness?  Like many of us, I have watched on in fear and […]

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Joseph’s Arise

Starting in 2008 the Lord has given us MANY prophetic dreams concerning disaster coming to America.  One of the dominant themes in these dreams is that the majority of Americans are not paying attention and almost completely unprepared for what is coming to our Nation.  But in the past year, it feels that the Lord is especially highlighting the state of the church in relation to preparing for what is coming.  Friends, I feel so pressed to tell you that you must begin to prepare now for a great economic disaster. […]

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